Archives for September 2010

My Trellis Tragedy

REMEMBER MY SUPER-DUPER TOMATO-TRELLIS? The one I built from long, skinny sumac saplings and jute twine? I’m sorry to say it collapsed in a miserable heap this morning, still covered with vines and fruit, during a visit from tropical rain storm “Nicole”: How proud I was of this no-cost architectural statement (above, to the right)… Read more »

Rose-Scented Applesauce

WHILE MAKING APPLESAUCE LAST NIGHT, I tried cooking the fruit in water infused with rose-geranium leaves. What emerged was something so fragrant and delicious that I will never make applesauce in the usual manner again. Here is the recipe for this perfectly-pink, sugar-free puree, which I wouldn’t hesitate serving to guests: Of course to make… Read more »

My Latest Kitchen-Gadget: A Foley Food Mill

IN ANTICIPATION OF MAKING APPLE SAUCE, I recently purchased a Foley Food Mill. Who else owns this gadget? I’d like to know what you think of it. For instance, how do you clean it? Mine came with no directions whatsoever! This simple, inexpensive machine is supposed to puree apples and tomatoes, and also remove their… Read more »

The Window Garden in Autumn

THIS WEEK I had great fun producing an “autumn scene” for the window in my upstairs bath. I even photographed the garden (above; click to enlarge), and shared it on Facebook. There, some readers felt the window looked cheerful “as is,” while others thought the middle shelf required two more plants. Would you like to… Read more »

Lily the Beagle’s Weather Rant

HERE IN THE HUDSON VALLEY, the wackiest weather – ever! – continues. Yesterday’s low 40 degrees; today’s high 82 degrees, and Friday will soar to a suffocating 90! And still no rain in sight…bad news for plants heading into their dormant season. What’s the weather like where you are? And can we have our “walkies”… Read more »

Overwintering Cherished Herbs & Annuals

WHEN YOU WAKE UP TO 40 DEGREES, as I did this morning, you find yourself admitting two things: First, that summer is definitely over, and next, that it’s now or never for rescuing petunias and other frost-sensitive plants. Not sure how to overwinter these tender herbs and annuals? Here’s a refresher course:

Begonia Semperflorens

IS THE EVERBLOOMING WAX BEGONIA, B. semperflorens, the exclusive domain of the outdoor garden? Absolutely not! As you can see from the photo up top (and those which follow), it blooms continuously indoors, too. I depend on the beautiful burdens of white, pink, or red to brighten my window garden all winter long: Above, B…. Read more »