The Magic of Organic Matter

WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACHIEVE a sexy figure while producing the nicest lettuce, tomatoes and squash in town? Then incorporate — as I did this weekend — shredded leaves into your vegetable plot. I’ll admit that after plunging, lifting and flipping the spade countless times, you will probably beg for mercy. But your body will thank you for the labor — and so will your veggies. For leaf-enriched soil provides the following essentials:

Nutrients. Shredded leaves (and other types of organic matter, too) nourish the soil. Here at A Garden for the House, I achieve abundant vegetable harvests without the use of Miracle-Gro or any other chemical fertilizer. (If I add anything to the soil it is a sprinkling of lime, in order to thwart slugs and snails.)

Moisture. Think of organic matter as a sponge — one that holds up to 90 percent of its weight in water. During times of drought, this moisture is released directly to thirsty root systems.

Worms. Like an open bar at a wedding, soil that is rich in organic material always hosts a lively crowd…of worms. These, through their tunneling action, make the earth loose, or friable. Moisture and air (both essential for healthy roots) can freely pass through such soil.

A gorgeous, toned body (I’m thinking Gilles Marini although you might prefer Meagan Fox), and a rich, loamy garden that requires only infrequent watering — these are the rewards for each of us who incorporates organic matter into the vegetable plot. All you need to accomplish this chore are some shredded leaves, a spade, and a “no pain, no gain” attitude.

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  1. Kevin, I dig composted leaves into the soil every year. And I have the body of Adonis. Not!

  2. I turned over soil on Saturday and Sunday. Really feeling it today. Like a workout at the gym.

  3. I took your advice and saved and shredded my leaves this year. I will dig them into the garden.

    Can I also use them for mulch?

  4. Carol – We had the same kind of weekend. I'm kind of liking “the burn.”

    James – shredded leaves make EXCELLENT mulch. When I have copious quantities, I use them to mulch the 8-beds in my rose garden.

  5. OMG Kevin-

    I had never figured out the name of one of the most gorgeous guys (on the planet) that I see on TV. Now I do from reading this older post. Ummmm, YEAH!!!! Who WOULDN’T prefer him, no matter WHICH way you roll??! ha….

    Blessings to you, now back to reading about winter sowing 🙂 Robin

  6. I got horse manure 1 year old ready to go notice lots of red worms. I am in Tennessee, does garderners really like to have this mixed in there soil too?

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