Recipe: Whole Roasted Onions

As an accompaniment to a hamburger, or served as the first course at a dinner party, Whole Roasted Onions are deliciously savory, mild, and creamy. They are also easy on the cook. Select the largest onions you can find — either from your own garden harvest or from the bin at the supermarket — that will stand up straight on a plate. There is no peeling or dicing involved; the onions are roasted right in their own skins.

One large, unpeeled onion per person
One tablespoon (or more) sour cream or butter
Finely-minced tarragon

Oven Roasting — one hour or more
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Place whole onions in a baking dish lined with foil. Roast for an hour, or perhaps a little longer, until onions are soft throughout, and easily pierced with a skewer.

Microwave Cooking — about 20 minutes
I’ve successfully prepared these onions in the microwave, too. First, prick them all over with a fork. Then arrange up to three onions on a glass pie plate, and cook on high until thoroughly tender.

Fireplace Roasting – about 15 minutes
During last December’s ice storm, when both power and furnace went out, I discovered how easily onions roast in the fireplace. Wrap each in foil, then bury in a bed of hot embers for 15 minutes or so.

Slit the tops with a knife, place a tablespoon of butter or sour cream in each, and sprinkle with tarragon. To eat, spoon the warm, creamy flesh from the surrounding shell.

Incidentally, I once served Whole Roasted Onions to a man I was dating. Eleven years later, we are still together. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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  1. Janis in Chicago says:

    Are onions indeed the way to a man's heart? If so, I will surely prepare these…

  2. Great that you followed up your blog on harvesting and storing onions with a recipe for cooking them, too! I'll try them with turkey burgers this weekend.

  3. Delicious and easy – right up my alley.

  4. Andrew Thompson says:

    Kevin, I like the idea of preparing these in the fireplace. Not now, of course, when its 90 degrees outside. But when the weather turns brisk.

    I'm wondering if potatoes could be cooked in embers, just like the onions?

  5. Andrew – I have roasted potatoes in the fireplace many times. Like the onions, you do have to wrap them in foil, or the skins will turn black. Set them on a bed of coals (embers) and them shovel more on top. They are ready in 15-20 minutes, depending upon size.

    I can't wait for fireplace season — late October.

  6. Lucille Noble says:

    Hi Kevin…I can't wait to try the onion easy and delicious. It's something I can cook either summer or winter. You have great ideas.

  7. Lucille – thanks, and welcome to A Garden for the House! I hope to “see” you here often!

  8. The onions look amazing. By the way, does Will know about this other guy?

  9. GothamDan – Shhh!

  10. Re: 2009 comment on cooking potatoes & onions n fireplace coals — try corn on the cob, unhusked. A treat and surprisingly flavorful. First had this as a young girl at a grandfather’s house where he was outdoor cook!

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