Tip: Houseplants Need Fresh Air, Too

Potted plants can’t step out for a breath of fresh air like we can, although they need it every day. A close, stagnant atmosphere will not promote good health nor bloom, and it can lead to all kinds of maladies — leaf-drop, yellowing foliage, spider mites and fungus diseases.

On warm afternoons in April and May, give your plants a healthy thrill by opening every window in the house for a few hours each day. During winter, provide fresh air for a few minutes daily via a door or window in a nearby room; this will permit the air to warm as it travels to your plants.

And that’s my tip for this cold, rainy, Northeastern Tuesday. My plants need fresh air; I need a hot cup of Earl Grey.


  1. Sara swift says:

    On the property where I live there is a LARGE
    Circular garden. Beautiful garden and a circular cement
    Any suggestions on how to beautify the cement container

  2. In the morning my yard has the sun from the East and afternoon is a blazing hot sun from the West. My problem is keeping a nice yard. I have invested in sod several times but of course with Texas heat has not helped. I was thinking about planting some kind of ground cover on the slop part of the yard. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    B Pimentel

  3. Hi Kevin, do you have any tips to create a sundial garden? I’ve always admired them and just can’t seem to find the information to create my own. Thanks and I love your newsletter filled with fun ideas and wonderful recipes.

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