A Short Walk in the Kitchen Garden

032Today, I planned to give you the "grand tour" of all the gardens here. But it's too hot and muggy outside! It's the kind of day when sweat stings your eyes. I can't have you running around with smudged mascara, John. So instead of galloping from Boxwood Garden to Whatever Garden, perhaps we should spend just plant our feet in the Kitchen Garden: Read more »

Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Fresh Mint

045Oh, the things I do for you. On Monday, I threw bittersweet chocolate chunks and fresh, chopped mint leaves into some homemade cookie dough. The result? Cool, minty, chocolate chunk cookies! Read more »

My Favorite Zucchini Recipes

IMG_5366Today, because it's July 26, and because zucchini is currently filling counter tops, fireplace mantels, and bedside tables throughout the nation, I wanted to share some of my favorite zucchini recipes! All are guaranteed to please: Read more »

Minty Limeade from Scratch

```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` 066Ready for some good news? I've added a "print recipe" feature to this website! And to celebrate, I think we should sip some homemade limeade. It's tart with fresh limes, and cool with fresh mint. A more refreshing summer beverage doesn't exist. Read more »

Angelic Zucchini Fritters

067WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between a good Zucchini Fritter and great one? Well, first the crust. It should be delightfully crunchy. Then the interior should be firm but smooth, and loaded with good zucchini flavor, plus other tastes such as fresh lemon and chive. And finally, when you bite into the fritter, you should hear a choir of angels sing. Such exquisiteness is not difficult to produce: Read more »

Crunchy Kohlrabi Slaw

120I struggled with the name of this slaw. I wanted to call it "Krunchy Kohlrabi Slaw," or "Kevin's Krunchy Kohlrabi Slaw," but such titles seemed overly cute. This is a serious slaw, after all, and thus its name deserves proper spelling. To make it, you simply dress up some shredded kohlrabi, karrots, and kabbage. Read more »

Why I’ve asked my congress critter to vote “No” on HR 1599

IMG_5155I'm not a food purist (my dessert recipes will prove this to you), but I do care about food-related laws. And HR 1599, which will likely come up for a vote in congress next week, is one of the worst food-bills ever proposed. Read more »