Eggs in Sweet Potato Nests

What's so great about these eggs in sweet potato nests? Everything! They're glamorous. They're low-carb. They're knock-your-socks-off delicious. Serve them for a simple supper, as I did last Saturday, and everyone will think you're a genius. Here's the step-by-step recipe: Read more »

Gift Ideas for Cooks

Need some gift-ideas for the cook in your life? Maybe I can help. Here are some of the cherished workhorses in own kitchen, all saddled up for you: Read more »

Blue Mixer Giveaway

Update: selected comment #827 from Samantha M. Congratulations, Samantha! To collect your pretty blue mixer, just shoot me an email. Read more »

November Houseplants!

What keeps me happy in winter? Good food and fine wine. Houseplants are helpful, too. They provide a "green connection" when the outdoor world is barren and gray. You haven't lived until you've watched a geranium optimistically open its pastel petals during a snowstorm! Here's what's shaking in my November window garden: Read more »

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup: Sexy Sides

Need a little inspiration for Thanksgiving dinner? Here are links to 16 delicious side-dishes that have appeared on my own holiday table over the years. Most are easy to make, some are gluten-free, and all are guaranteed to please! Read more »

Glazed Orange Tart

I made this unusual tart for a small brunch party last weekend, and it was devoured -- with gusto -- in a flash. Not to worry -- I made the same tart this morning, so that you could taste it, too! Read more »

Tropical Bulbs in Pebbles, Water, and Gin

Yesterday, because I insist on having fragrant blooms in time for the December holidays, I grabbed my old soup tureen, several jardinieres, and some tacky whimsical Santa mugs, and planted them with tropical narcissus bulbs. Would you like to see the fun procedure? Read more »