GF Bacon and Sausage Stuffing Balls!

November 20, 2014
IMG_1963Oh, baby. These stuffing balls are so delicious that I can't stop eating them! Brenda Johnson, my taste-tester, loves 'em, too. I'm talking about a crispy exterior, and a savory, sumptuous interior. They are gluten-free, too, since I made them with tapioca bread crumbs. Need a nifty side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas? This recipe is for you: Read more »

Chocolate Castle Cake

November 17, 2014
IMG_1588What inspired this chocolate whimsy? A recent trip to a kitchen supply store. There, all kinds of culinary gadgets begged to be rescued from their retail store oblivion. And among them was a castle-shaped Bundt pan. Here's the recipe, which you can use for any 10-cup capacity Bundt pan: Read more »

All I Wanted Was Three Drinking Glasses

November 15, 2014
IMG_1298Kitchen supply stores should be illegal. I visited Different Drummer's Kitchen Company yesterday, simply because I needed three attractive drinking glasses for a cookbook photo-shoot. Here's what I brought home: Read more »

Yard Work: Leaf-Mulching the Rose Beds

November 14, 2014
IMG_0427"Leave the garden in autumn the way you wish to find it in spring" is one of those annoying old sayings that makes perfect sense. Alas, here in New York's Hudson Valley, we never know when the first snow will fall. And if the snow falls before the leaves do, well, we're totally screwed until spring. Here's what I've managed so far: Read more »

Bucatini with Almond Butter Sauce

November 10, 2014
IMG_1151Take some bucatini (a fat, hollow, spaghetti-like pasta), toss it with almond butter and some Asian seasonings, garnish the works with toasted sesame seeds and fresh green scallions, and what will you have? My new, favorite lunch or casual supper: Read more »

Organic Cinnamon-Maple Granola

November 7, 2014
IMG_1023TRUE CONFESSION: I'm a granola freak. I make a big batch most Sunday evenings, and then enjoy it for breakfast and snacking all week long. My latest version is kissed with cinnamon and sweetened with pure maple syrup. It's powerfully delicious. Read more »

Housekeeping 102: The Entrance Hall

November 4, 2014
IMG_0878Some time ago, I promised to show you how, exactly, I clean the various rooms in this old, old, house. We've already tackled the master bedroom. Shall we get down and dirty in the entrance hall? Read more »